Educational Technology Reflections

Some of the most thought provoking opportunities in my educational technology program came from the reflective papers we were asked to complete. I’ve included some of the book reviews and reflective papers below. These establish my views as related to the topics discussed at the time of study.

Story Proof cover

Haven, K. (2007). Story Proof: The science behind the startling power of story.

Story Proof: The science behind the startling power of story by Kendall Haven (2007) effectively establishes the numerous benefits for story and story instruction for education. In the first part, Haven more accurately defines what story is. This is followed by a collection of anecdotes and research that support the assertion that story is the most effective means of teaching. Specific considerations from this book were reflected upon individually:

Story Proof reflection 1: The first 6 chapters.

Story Proof reflection 2: The final 4 chapters.


 Curriculum Design & Instructional Design: Independent, yet intertwinedIn this reflection, I discuss my interpretation of the correlation and difference between curriculum design and instructional design. A link is included to a graphic model representing what I pontificate as effective integration of both to result in edutainment for 21st century education.

10 eLearning Factors to Consider. The transition of a traditional course to a hybrid or online format requires eLearning tools. Merely implementing a technology that transitions the materials to a digital format is not likely to be beneficial. One must consider factors related to 21st century learner’s needs and preferences against existing time, space, and resource constraints to determine feasibility.


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