Educational Technology Projects

Adobe CS6

I use Adobe CS6 to edit and produce many projects.

 Many of my projects are edited and produced using Adobe Creative Suite 6 software.

I have a good working knowledge of the following programs:

Photoshop CS6

Premier CS6

Dreamweaver CS6



Nicholas Favazzo’s EdTech Projects

Instructional unit for Paramedic Field Training with ADDIE ISD.

This is a quick overview of an instructional unit I designed on shock  for Paramedic Field Training. The ADDIE instructional systems design process was used.

Book Trailer

Used on the site, this trailer introduces teen readers to Matt DeLaPena’s I Will Save You.

FGCU-Flagler High Mediamorphosis Project

I was fortunate enough to lead a team of skilled peers that determined pragmatic changes to transform an existing high school media center into a 21st century digital learning commons. We are hopeful that the final project is successful at elucidating that the innovative changes will be exponentially beneficial (in terms of costs and student achievement) while also increasing employee morale by making better use of their abilities.

State of Florida recertification tutorial

This is a brief reference for EMS students and practitioners that need to obtain or renew paramedic certification/ licensure.

Bleeding for EMS: The Dr. Nagel Story

This video quickly reviews the key role of Dr. Eugene Nagel and the City of Miami Fire Department as origins of paramedicine. Note: This was during my first semester, so the audio and graphics leave a lot to be desired!

TestPrep at ESC instructional video

Concurrent with the theme of flipping the classroom, brief lessons can be delivered digitally outside of the spatial and temporal restrictions of a brick and mortar classroom. This quick video provides a lesson on how to use an available self-assessment tool.

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