Nicholas S. Favazzo: How I got here.

Hello, and welcome to my blog and e-Portfolio.

NSFavazzo, 2013

Nicholas S. Favazzo, August 2013

My Business Management Background

My name is Nicholas Favazzo. Since 2001, I have been providing emergency medical services (EMS), mostly as a lead paramedic. In 2008, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Administration and Management. I decided to test out my management abilities by starting my own businesses in southwest Florida after I graduated. Long story short, the business grew very quickly in the few years that I was running it and was always financially self sustained until I sold it and became an adjunct EMS Instructor from 2011-2014. Much of the success was due to an effective online marketing plan.

Attending the School of Hard Knocks

I had some education on marketing in my business classes, but definitely was not a tech expert going into it. When I started, an ad in the phone book was considered a good investment by most. I decided to try a different approach and used online advertising. Through some trial and error (and writing some pretty big checks to the advertisers), I eventually became adept at internet advertising and search engine optimization to increase my small business’ internet presence. This allowed me to remain competitive in the information age without continuing to spend a fortune. Other business owners saw the success and asked if I could help them, so I did.

A Little Formal Education, too

Seeing that I could help them make better use of the internet to reach more customers, many of these colleagues told me to start a business doing “online stuff.” I was reluctant because I didn’t have a real solid tech background, but this prompted me to further my education at Florida Gulf Coast University (Go Eagles!). I am currently completing my last semester of the Educational Technology MA Program and should receive my Master’s degree in December 2014 (fingers crossed).

Educational Technology is a great field with a lot of opportunity, but in many instances still relatively unknown or inappropriately applied. As educational technologists (instructional designers, media specialists, etc.), we have a responsibility to understand effective pedagogy and andragogy to combine with current and emerging technologies used to reach learners in the most efficient way possible. This doesn’t simply involve delivering the lesson in a digital format. If the content and delivery fails to engage the receiver, there is no magic created by recording it to replay on a computer or other device. One of the tenets that bears repeating is that the technology must augment, because it can not replace, effective pedagogy.

Business Management, Educational Technology, Digital Marketing: The Correlation

Customers aren’t students though, right? Well, perhaps not students. They are, however, learners. Marketing is an important ingredient in the recipe to grow a successful business and it can easily be viewed as education.

Marketing as Education

When a potential customer is browsing the internet (or if they walk into your store), they are learners and you’re a teacher. They want to learn more about your product or service. Similar to education based on Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, one may best connect by first gaining attention, stating objectives, and recalling prior learning before presenting the content. If you fail to keep them engaged (especially online since a click takes less than a second) they will quickly move on to an alternative. As an ongoing challenge, the increasing ubiquity of internet has resulted in expectations for near-instantaneous interactivity and socialization. Fortunately, both can be easily incorporated into an effective digital marketing plan.

What I do now

I’m still a paramedic and still teaching tomorrow’s paramedics using sound educational principles and well-integrated educational technologies.

In 2014, I started Nicholas Favazzo Digital Media and Marketing. This is where I offer everyone “online stuff”. If you don’t have a responsive website, you need one. I can do that for you based on your budget. A single page responsive site is just $249.

If you already have the website, good search engine optimization can increase your internet presence and eventually result in free advertising by getting you better organic search result placement. Until you get to that point, I can also help you out with internet advertising so you don’t have to make the same costly mistakes that I did when I was first learning.

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